Climate friendly healthcare institutions

Priority axis - Environment

Project Activities

  • Capacity building for climate change-vulnerability to climate change-related health risks. Two joint training (one in each country) for medical specialists, students in medicine and graduates will be held to help to improve knowledge, practical skills and expertise in the field of climate change related health risks.
  • Preparation of health adaptation strategies relating to climate change on local level. Two strategies on local level for municipalities of Shtip and Gotse Delchev would be prepared with included identification of mitigation and adaptation measures to address climate change health risks.
  • Workshops with health sector and local authorities-local health adaptation process on local level. Two workshops, for 20 participants (total of 40 participants) will be organized. The topics would be "Principles of the local health adaptation process" and for "Implications of climate change on health-related development goals legislation, strategies, policies and plans".
  • Workshops 2 with health sector and local authorities-strategy implementation. The Workshop will be aimed to increase the knowledge of the participants’ related with the implementation of strategies developed in the frame of the Activity 2. The workshops are continuation of the workshops organized in activity 3. Topics are: Coordination of strategy implementation process, particularly with sectors that can affect health on local level and Monitor and review the of strategy implementation process to assess progress, effectiveness and gaps
  • Climate change mitigation in Shtip, reconstraction of the infectious department in the PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip.
  • Climate change mitigation and adoption measures in Gotse Delchev. Renovation of water supply, sewerage instalation, electrical instalation and constraction of photovoltaic of up to 30kW.
  • Climate Change health protection awareness raising campaign, to inform, attract and involve target groups in project implementation and for promotion of project results.
  • Training of public health professionals on protecting public health from climate change
  • Networking and development of web platform
  • Promotional press conference. Total of 4 promotional press conference would be held 2 in Shtip and 2 in Gotse Delchev.

Specific objective

Prevention and mitigation of consequences of natural and man-caused disasters of cross-border dimension and impact

Lead Partner

Municipality of Gotse Delchev, Republic of Bulgaria


Public Health Institution Clinical Hospital-Shtip, Republic of Macedonia

“The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–the former Yugoslav Republic
of Macedonia Programme.”